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Jungle Boys Seattle

With Marijuana about ready to be legalized in California growers are beginning to make their stamp in the market place with their brand names. And one of the hottest brand names that will soon be at Cannabis Station in Edmonds Washington is the Jungle Boys. The Jungle boys have made a name for themselves in California by using sophisticated marijuana  growing techniques never thought of, like harvesting plants by letting them die on the vines.

The Jungle Boys opened up there first shop in 2005 and have become the most sought after strains for true marijuana connoisseur. Jungle Boys takes pride in their cultivation and wants to make sure that their genetics can be traced  from store to grower, back to the original breeder. There most popular strains right now are Sunday Driver and Wedding Cake. They make sure that all there buds and dried and cured 14 to 16 days and expect to be running 5000 lights operations by 2018. Just to give you an idea of the financial investments they expect to be making. A 500 light operation will cost about 1.5 million to start. The Jungle boys go even so far to mix their own nutrients and they never use commercial trimmers. All of their bud is hand trimmed. They state that growers who use trimmers are selling commercial bud and that’s not what they do.

Jungle Boys Seattle
Jungle Boys Seattle

If you are visiting Los Angeles TLC is the best place to pick up Jungle Boy Strains until they are available at Cannabis Station aka Green Collar North around September. There gorgeous grown buds represents the highest standards in cultivation on the West Coast. The Wedding Cake is a cross of Animal Mints and Triangle Kush which has a fruit punch flavor that leaves you in a deep trance.

Jungle Boy grow rooms are rare and nobody outside of their tight circle knows all there secret techniques. If you want to follow these top growers follow them on Instagram here You can also visit their website at https://www.thejungleboys.com

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Jungle Boys Seattle
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