Originally Lynwood Washington was late to the game in allowing medical marijuana dispensaries, but once it did they proliferated all over the city. When I-502 was passed the City of Lynnwood along with Mountlake Terrace, and Mukilteo started  a ban on giving recreational marijuana dispensary licenses to stores who wanted to open.  Representative Bill Populace quoted that city officials didn’t want change because “they don’t the smell of marijuana” Bill represents a district that encompasses Lynnwood, Shoreline, and Mountlake Terrace that have prohibited marijuana dispensaries in their jurisdictions.

Weed Shop Lynwood WA
Recreational Marijuana Lynn-wood

Even as time went by and other dispensaries were opening up the bans in Lynwood stayed in place.  Their primary complaint was that they needed time and cash to do more research on the implications of the law on their cities. What makes it worse is that even when they got the money and completed the research the ban on pot shops still remained in place.


Lynwood is a city located in Snohomish, Washington and is part of the larger Seattle metropolitan area and is approximately 16 miles north of Seattle and 13 miles south of Everett . The city of Lynwood is considered a suburban and is made up of bedroom communities. It has one of the hugest areas of retail in the region including Alderwood Mall. The City also has a transit center, convention center, and local college.

Lynwood WA Weed Shop
Lynnwood WA Weed Shop

Now recreational dispensaries are allowed in Lynnwood but still their best option if they are traveling down highway 99 is Green Collar Cannabis North which is located only 1 blocks from the highway.   Everybody knows what a big headache it is to drive down 99 with  all the traffic lights, so if you need cannabis stop by our pot dispensary which has been operating since 2010. Green Collar Cannabis North knows how to select the highest quality marijuana from the best vendors and we have a lot more experience in doing it. We are conveniently located so you can get in and out without having to deal with a lot of inner city traffic. Whether you are looking for concentrates, edibles or flower you can count on our staff to take care of you fast and efficiently. Come by and try out some of our signature strains like Jungle Boys. We look forward to seeing you.


Directions from I-5

Green Collar Cannabis North is only minutes from I-5 Freeways.


Take exit 179 for 220th Street Southweest

Use the Left 2 lanes to turn left onto 220th St SW

Turn right onto 66th Ave W

Turn Left onto 216th St SW

Turn Right onto WA-99 N

Green Collar Cannabis North will be located on the left in the parking lot with the McDonald’s.


21412 Highway 99

Edmonds, WA 98026

Phone: (206) 487-8262

Open : 8 am to Midnight seven days a week.