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Phat Panda Seattle

Finding Phat Panda in Seattle and Edmond’s Washington  is easy if you head over to Cannabis Station located right off highway 99. Phat panda is one of our most popular growers using a state of the art facility that  produces over 40 strains of high quality cannabis.

Founded in 2014, it is no surprise why this I-502 grower is so well known. From its high class, strain-specific packaging to its crystal-dense product, Phat Panda always produces the goods. The company supplies high quality cannabis to many of Washington State’s best marijuana pot shops, and Cannabis Station located  in Edmond’s is proud to carry their top strains.

After their expansion in 2014, Phat Panda has been able to produce dispensary favorites like Golden Pineapple and OG Chem on an even larger scale. Johnny Wilson, who is vice president of the company, states that their first class packaging is due to the owner who was previously an expert in marketing.

Their Tier 3 grow operation has 16 flower rooms and got its permit in early September 2014. So far, the Phat Panda has produced 50 strains out of the 200 or so in its seed arsenal. Johnny  says they like to keep strains in rotation and concentrate on their most popular ones which are OG Chem and Golden Pineapple.

“The pineapple strain has a very high terpene level and a very high THC content,” Wilson said. “The OG Chem, it’s in the mid 30% level for THC. This strain has the ability to make you think your face is melting.

Phat Panda Seattle
Phat Panda Seattle

Wilson says the Golden Pineapple is the most popular strain that they have produced so far. Wilson said their lead grower used to work on the medical marijuana dispensary in Tacoma, and he brought the strain with him during the import window when the store was first licensed. “I believe the clone originally came from Southern Oregon a while ago,” Wilson stated.

The company, which is the largest producer-processor by volume in I-502 market, hopes to expand its production capacity with a second level this summer, which will bring it to its full 21,000 square foot canopy space. The plan is to dedicate those rooms to OG Chem and Golden Pineapple, The production facility has 60 employees right now, about half of which are full time. Phat Panda has several job openings that  you can apply here at this link.

Bud trimmers at the farm start at $11 or $12 an hour.

Phat Panda Edmond's
Phat Panda Edmond’s

So how did  Phat Panda choose its name?

“Our CEO, before we started had this name for his other LLC,” Wilson stated. “We were going to market just as Grow Op Farms, but that was a little bland so, we asked the owner to change it.”

After that, the staff came up with the name Sticky Frog for its concentrates and oils and hot sugar for their cannabis edibles.

The company, like several other I-502 producers, also has a high CBD strain in the works. Phat Panda’s White Widow tested evenly at about 10 to 12 percent CBD and THC.

What do you all think? Have you tried Phat Panda or Sticky Frog yet? Tell us about it in the comments section and if you like this article share with the social media buttons at the bottom of the page.

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